I Spy

I've lost so many things over the last few weeks that I've decided to seek professional help. Doctor Roy G. Biv advised me to periodically take a step back and revisit the things I've lost. Scientifically speaking, making a mental index of those lost and found items should help me find an explanation for all of my recent problems.

I spy:


Five groups of signed _____,

Nine black _____ in the mix.

Nine _____ to read,

And ticking _____ six.


The octagonal tops of six _____,

And six fobs with extra _____.

Eight expressive, fuzzy _____

And eight trails of _____ please!


Four groups of green _____

On some old multi-tap phone,

And seven cuddly _____

I really want to bring home.


Within each group of items I find,

An elemental message I notice.

I take note of the relevant number of each,

Then I can extract my diagnosis:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _