Opposites Attract

  1. Clubs (not diamonds); b1, d1, f1... g8 (on the board); First mover on same board; 21 in Vegas
  2. Ship captained by Sparrow; Sikorsky UH-60 helicopter; Owner of Titanic; Lockheed SR-71 airplane
  3. It borders Turkey; It's a good indication of a wild raft ride; It includes Mount Rushmore; It's associated with the Brothers Grimm fairy tales
  4. What Van Helsing chased (in one form); What Alice chased; What Ahab chased; They chase trespassing aliens
  5. this line intentionally left blank
  6. Indicates a trained fighter; Indicates challenging skiing; Indicates a very rare occurrence
  7. Paranoid/Iron Man group; Still of the Night group; Seven Nation Army group
  8. Sirius; The Killing Curse for example; Something you study to defend against
  9. Pupil; 1% of your blood; Sclera
  10. He was dishonorable (British usage); and tried to extort money from me; so I didn't let him join my club
  11. this line intentionally left blank
  12. Huey Newton group active in the 70's; 9/24/1869; Disease in 1300's
  13. He's got hammer and anvil; he's got a desk job; he's riding to the rescue
  14. Paint it X (Rolling Stones); Xbird (Beatles); X Water (Doobie Brothers)
  15. Disney princess (1937); Disney canine (1991); Disney horse (2020)
  16. Alternate nickname for "Texas Tea"; Quercus velutina; Used in fireworks
  17. this line intentionally left blank
  18. Unlucky feline; deadly spider; Ursus americanus
  19. Usual Chinese food add-on; Caviar (sturgeon); Chardonnay
  20. Marble (usually); Onyx; Quartz
  21. Sea foam, in storm; Unseen slipping hazard after freezing rain; Travel hazard during blizzard

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