Rank: 423
Puzzles solved: 17


Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EST) Time to solve Solve time (EST)
Super Secret Spy Training 1 3h27m
Roamin' Around 2 3h38m
Spell Chek 0 38m53s
Red Sky in Morning 1 43m54s
This Little Piggy Stayed Home 0 20m29s
The Oracle Speaks 0 9m45s
The ABCs of Building Adventures 0 1h12m
Painting-By-Number 0 26m48s
Blind Deliveries 0 1h20m
I Spy 1 1h11m
Country Codes 0 1h22m
A Day at the Races 0 4h15m
Unfriendly Skies 0 4h36m
Injury Codification Department 0 37m19s
Journey 0 10h12m
Opposites Attract 0
I Put a Spell on You 0